Good Business Ideas: It's Time

Who is Whales & Business for?

Whales & Business is for entrepreneurs looking for effective techniques to launch and run their part-time businesses! This is for future and current business owners who want simple solutions to execute their good business ideas. This is for anyone who believes that business can and should be simple. There is an inner-entrepreneur in all of us – once you learn and implement the fundamentals, your inner-entrepreneur will emerge. I happened to learn the fundamentals of business from a 12,000 pound killer whale.

Keeping Business Simple

While working as a marine mammal trainer, I discovered that the techniques I was using to train killer whales, could be used to successfully run businesses. Once I implemented killer whale training techniques in my businesses, they flourished. I was a full-time killer whale trainer and a part-time entrepreneur – both of which required the same knowledge and skill set. This realization changed how I interacted with people.


Interacting a specific way with a whale generates a specific behavior from the whale. Interacting a specific way with a person (customer, staff, etc) generates a specific behavior from that person. Human behavior is business. If you understand behavior, you understand business.


Coming up with good business ideas is as easy as solving problems. If you can solve a problem, you can have a business.

Providing Knowledge for Success

Good business ideas aren't enough by themselves, however. You need to have the tools and techniques as well. Luckily, starting and running a successful business in your spare-time is easier than you think. Good business ideas become great business ideas when paired with effective techniques and strategies. When you know the fundamentals, there is nothing stopping you. Understanding unique advertising strategies, how to choose a good business name, or just getting the occasional kick in the ass, are all part of beginning this journey.


If you like things to be simple, then you are in the right place.

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